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Hi folks i implemented a tutorial for RESTful Web services with jersey.

My Project Setup is as follows:

Folder structure:

  • restful
    • Web-INF
      • classes\com\mcnz\ws
        • HelloWorldResource.class
      • lib
        • some libs (jersey 1.6 archive)
      • web.xml


<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    xmlns="" version="3.0"

public class HelloWorldResource {
    public String getMessage() {
        return "Rest Never Sleeps";

I builded the war and all seems to run but after deployment to a tomcat 7 the url


does not respond

here my .war

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I think that your project structure is a mess.Why are your REST resources in the WEB-INF folder? You should have placed them in src/main/java. I recommend following this tutorial for your first REST project. Also looking again at your folder structure i would recommend using Maven for dependency management.You can find some tutorials here.

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You have the path a the class level, try putting it at the method level (after the @GET statement)
You can also leave the first one and another one after the @GET for example

This is one sample of mine

public class UserResource {

    // Method for Registering a User, receives and replies a JSON
    public StatusResult register(UserRegistrationRequest urr) {
        //Calls the controller to register the producer, and returns result
        StatusResult result = UserController.register(urr);
        return result;

You would call it like this localhost:8080/restful/resources/user/register in this case

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thanks will try that. – Markus Mar 23 '13 at 10:56
The PATH is not the problem.You could do a quick try.His code is valid.You could only have PATH at class level and can use all the HTTP methods (ex: one GET method, on POST method...etc) with same parameters – mvlupan Mar 24 '13 at 7:22

Recently I successfully implementing Jersey RESTful WEb service in Liferay..

You can find it...

Jersey Implementation

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