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I'm using native query to get data from database and add them into an object that content float values like:

select tons, delivered_tons from contract where id = 1

and using createSQLQuery() to execute the query

and return an object array like:

Object[] result = (Object[])query.uniqueResult();

and cast them into my object

A a = new A((Float)result[0],(Float)result[1]);

The problem is that I can't know the return type of the query (float or double). So do hibernate has any method to control the return type?

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If you used HQL instead os SQL, Hibernate would use the types that you chose to map the columns in your entity:

Assuming you have a Contract entity containing these fields:

public class Contract {
    @Column(name = "tons")
    private Float tons;

    @Column(name = "delivered_tons")
    private Float deliveredTons;


You would simply execute the HQL query

select c.tons, c.deliveredTons from Contract c where c.id = :id

and you would be sure to get an array containing two Floats.

That said, for such a simple query, why don't you just use

Contract c = (Contract) session.get(Contract.class, id);

and then get the fields you want from the entity?

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I'm using a complex query, like joining many tables and the results are not just the columns in the tables, it contains sum, average, etc. So I used native query instead of HQL (I don't have exp in writing HQL) The query that I mentioned above is just an example. –  Kien Dang Ngoc Mar 23 '13 at 22:20

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