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Is it possible to make easyui datagrid responsive?How can we create a responsive datagrid or fluid layout?

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What do you mean by "responsive" ? – AliRıza Adıyahşi Mar 25 '13 at 8:10
"responsive" means i want it to be auto re sized on resizing the browser. – partha Apr 2 '13 at 17:11

The solution given below adjusts to the div that the datagrid is loaded in.

     * Extend the datagrid functionality
    $.extend($.fn.datagrid.defaults, {
          width: getMainWidth()
 * Returns the width of <div id="Main">
 * This can be used by the datagrids during initialization 
 * on the attribute: width
 * @returns
 function getMainWidth(){
    return $("#Main").width();  

At this point the datagrid is expanded to the full width of the <div id="Main"> Now the next thing that would be nice to have is adjustable column widths. So in order to achieve this you can define your datagrid like this

<table id="datagridID" style="display:none;">
        <th data-options="field:'column1', width:adjustColumnWidth(0.18)">Column 1</th>
        <th data-options="field:'column2', width:adjustColumnWidth(0.16)">Column 2</th>
        <th data-options="field:'column3', width:adjustColumnWidth(0.32)">Column 3</th>
        <th data-options="field:'column4', width:adjustColumnWidth(0.05)">Column 4</th>
        <th data-options="field:'column5', width:adjustColumnWidth(0.08)">Column 5</th>
        <th data-options="field:'column6', width:adjustColumnWidth(0.05)">Column 6</th>
        <th data-options="field:'column7', width:adjustColumnWidth(0.05)">Column 7</th>
        <th data-options="field:'column8', width:adjustColumnWidth(0.11)">Column 8</th>

The parameters of the adjustColumnWidth function are percentages and they should all add to 100%

 * This specifies a percentage width according to the #Main div
 * This is used during column initialization in order to set a percentage 
 * width.
 * eg:
 *   data-options="field:'docNumber', width:adjustColumnWidth(0.18)"
 *   sets a 18% width
 * @param percent
 * @returns {Number}
function adjustColumnWidth(percent){  
    return getMainWidth() * percent;  

The datagrid initialization is as usual:

var datagrid = $("#datagridID");
    url: gridDataURL
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Here are some nice implementations for responsive data tables

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Thanks for the link but i want to make the easy ui data grid a responsive one. – partha Apr 15 '13 at 5:55

I haven't seen the easyui datagrid responsive. But Easyui has datagrids and other components for mobile. http://www.jeasyui.com/demo-mobile/main/index.php?plugin=DataGrid&theme=metro-gray&dir=ltr&pitem=

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