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Which tools exist for static analysis of XQuery functions?

Example tasks: given two XSD schemas A and B and some XQuery f, check that for any document d of type A its transformation f(d) is valid against B.

Or for given query generate its inverse, when exists.

This topic is unfortunately hard for googling.

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Yes, I think OxygenXML is fantastic for XQuery analysis, it has its own manual static-analysis tools built in.

You can use the manual validation instead: Document > Validate > Validate after configuring a transformation or a validation scenario that specified the xDB connection as the engine.

Other resources I found which where interesting on this topic Using XML Editor to Create or Validate an OLAC Static Repository and Where can I find static/dynamic code analysis tools for XSLT? (Oxygen can be used with X-Query, X-Path, XLink to name a few).

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Thank you. (via from your second link) seems to solve my first problem. Not sure about Oxygen, but in any case I strongly prefer free command-line tools, which may be included to project. The second problem seems to be not solved now. –  Alexei Golovko Mar 23 '13 at 13:49
as far as I know oxygen is based off Saxon-EE. –  Killrawr Mar 23 '13 at 13:55

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