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I have 4 unit test projects in my solution. When I run all the tests in unit test session (i.e right click on my solution and select run unit tests), they all pass.

When I run each test project in Test Explorer, their tests all pass.

If I "run all" in test explorer to run all the test projects in one batch, some of tests fail. For some reason some of the deployment items do not get copied to the destination.

If I run these failed tests again, they all pass.

It looks to me these test projects have conflicts in deployment when run together.

Any ideas? Thanks

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looks like test ordering issue where some tests depend (explicitly or (even worse) implicitly) on what other tests do - e.g. one test add a record to the database and another test expects the data is there. If the tests are executed in different order (the order in which tests are run is not guaranteed) the test the expects data in the DB will fail since the other test has not been yet run. (Can also be other way around when a test does not expect something but it's being added by a different test) – Pawel Mar 24 '13 at 0:15
I'm having a similar issue. Only, in my case, those tests fail due to synchronization failures, race conditions, etc. Running them one-by-one, does the trick. – Ale Tiro Aug 6 '13 at 13:39

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