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I would like to format number displayed by <s:property value=""/> tag in Struts 2. There is a double value. How can I do that? Should I use OGNL?

Or maybe I must use <s:text/> tag and define my format in resuource file?

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You need to use <s:text/> with <s:param/>.

Property file:

summary.cost= € {0,number,##0.00}


<s:text name="summary.cost"> 
    <s:param name="value" value=""/> 

This answer explains how to use # and 0 in the format mask.

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Yeah, I found that, but I thought that maybe there is something quicker :) – prostynick Oct 13 '09 at 7:37
A double value, and €? I surely hope that you don't use floating point numbers for currency. – Svante Oct 13 '09 at 8:14
I never mentioned € and Trick never mentioned double ;) – prostynick Oct 13 '09 at 8:36
Quicker is only with <s:date/> tag, which has format attribute. You can, of course, implement your own tag, which could have formatting included :) – Trick Oct 13 '09 at 8:58

The way more fast

<s:property value="getText('{0,number,#,##0.00}',{})"/>


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This one is quicker:

<s:property value="getText('', {summary.cost})" />

And in your properties file this: {0,number,\u00A4##0.00}

Hope this help

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i had this problem to format a number in this way 1.234,56

so i prefered both tags struts tag and fmt tag(fmt because s:number don't exist)

so i used the following syntaxe:

 <s:label label="mylabel">
    <s:param name="value">
        <s:text  name="">
    <fmt:formatNumber  maxFractionDigits="2" pattern="#.###"  >1234.56</fmt:formatNumber>

and it's work

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If your property is not number in your action then the getText will not work on it. The pattern accept numbers only. In this case you can go with fmt as mentioned by @sarie

<fmt:formatNumber groupingUsed="true" type="currency" value="${amount}" />
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