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As a sample question about how to use Pinax, I would like to use tribes. I would like to make a separate page from the homepage that lists existing tribes, a page that can be used to request that an administrator create a tribe with specified details, and a page that is used by administrators to approve or reject new tribes, ideally with a configurable option (whether in the database or settings.py) for whether people can create tribes themselves, or tribes are a moderated feature. In addition I would like to make one of the tabs on the (presently default) homepage to list existing tribes. I would also like each tribe to have its own discussion board and its own wiki.

Is there anyone who is willing and able to explain to me how to do this, and ideally explain the concepts involved so that I know what I am doing and can apply that knowledge to other areas of the website?

(I've found current Pinax documentation a little hard to find.)



This question arises because Pinax 1.0 provides scarcely anything beyond a stub page as its initial social project, and I had assumed that if only I used it correctly, it would be like Pinax 0.7's social project, only better.

That assumption is wrong. The presented social project is a stub, and I've been having a bear of a time trying to subdue a 0.7 social project to work with my system's installed Pinax/Django. But "How do I use what only appears to be a stub?", was a misguided question: the project appeared to be a stub because the project was a stub, and not useful as is.

I hope this breadcrumb will save time and effort from other people who want Pinax to provide a social network and see that 1.0 includes pinax-social-network.

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We have made Pinax much more modular. Pinax itself is more of an ecosystem of reusable apps, starter projects, and themes. We should probably build a proper social starter project but am curious as to what specific features you'd be interested in having in it. –  Patrick Altman Mar 27 '13 at 5:05
Well, the same or better for the 0.7 starter project would be fantastic. –  JonathanHayward Mar 28 '13 at 15:18
I've made Pinax 0.7.3 available from JonathansCorner.com/pinax –  JonathanHayward Mar 28 '13 at 16:37

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