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Is it possible that I create two different roups of radiobuttons. I now have 4 radiobutttons with only one option. I want to 2 groups with 2 options so i can click two options.

the code now:

Radiobutton(root, text="Ja", variable=var, value=1,

Radiobutton(root, text="Nee", variable=var, value=2,

Radiobutton(root, text="Ja", variable=var, value=3,

Radiobutton(root, text="Nee", variable=var, value=4,
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Then you need to create a new variable to be used in the second group:

Radiobutton(root, text="Ja", variable=var, value=1, ...)
Radiobutton(root, text="Nee", variable=var, value=2, ...)
Radiobutton(root, text="Ja", variable=var2, value=3, ...)
Radiobutton(root, text="Nee", variable=var2, value=4, ...)
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Thank you that is what I needed ;) –  Glenn Mar 23 '13 at 14:44
@Glenn You're welcome. Please consider accepting the answers of your questions that solved them to help other users know they were the correct answers. –  A. Rodas Mar 23 '13 at 14:54

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