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I want my site to be in two languages, English and Spanish. I have followed the excellent instructions from this post.

If I am logged into the manager in one tab and then open another tab to a spanish page I do see the spanish page. For example, http://www.site.com/es/somepage.html, works!

But, if I am not logged into the manager and try to navigate to this page I get a 503 error, page not found. I don't see anything in the Error log.

Obviously, this is some security issue, but I have looked at the anonymous user and they do have load access to the spanish and english contexts.

What am I missing?

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It sounds like you did not grant the anonymous user access to the Spanish context.

  • that article looks to be several years old, check out the official babel website: http://www.multilingual-modx.com/ there is a step by step tutorial there as well.

  • what version of modx? 2.2.6 is somewhat different when it comes to setting up contexts.

  • what error did you get? a 503 [server error] or a 404 [page not found]?

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Thanks for your response. I am using 2.2.5. I get a 503 error. How do you grant the anonymous user access to the Spanish Context? I have went to the Spanish Context-->Access Permissions and the 'Access Permissions' and the anonymouse user has 'Load Only' just like the web Context. –  RDotLee Mar 23 '13 at 19:07
let's see your gateway plugin, a 503 error could even be a php syntax error. –  Sean Kimball Mar 24 '13 at 1:44
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I found the issue.

When I duplicated the web context to make my Spanish context none of the resources under the Spanish context were published. Arghhh.

Thanks for your help @Sean Kimball.

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