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I'm new to python and I was making a small program with 'easygui' when i hit a wall. I wanted to get the button called "Back" to take me back to a previous line, but I had no idea how. I searched online and found while loops, but I can't figure put how to put it in. Thanks for any comments.

from easygui import *

msg = "Enter Login Information";
title = "";
fieldNames = ["Username", "Password"];
fieldValues = [];

fieldValues = multpasswordbox(msg,title,fieldNames);

USERNAME, PASSWORD = fieldValues[0], fieldValues[1];

if USERNAME == "username" and PASSWORD == "password":
#This is where i would like the button to take me
msg = "What would you like to do?"
title = "Options"
choice=buttonbox(msg, title,choices)
if choice=='passwords':
        msg = "Here is the info you requested"
        title = "Passwords"
        choice=buttonbox(msg, title,choices)
        if choice=='Back':    #this is the button

elif choice=='usernames':
        msgbox("Here is the info you requested")
elif choice=='other':
        msgbox("Here is the info you requested")

     msgbox("Access Denied");
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There is no GOTO equivalent in Python. You need to group your code into functions in a way that your script can be written in a cyclical manner. –  willOEM Mar 23 '13 at 15:59
remove any third-party library from your code, before posting it here(easygui). –  pylover Mar 23 '13 at 16:33

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