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     <Image Source="{Binding Image}" HorizontalAlignment="Center" 
      Height = "<Get current Height - some layout pixels>"
      Width="{Binding Size, Converter={StaticResource WidthConverter}, 
      ConverterParameter=<Get current Height - some layout pixels>" />

I want to calculate Height and Width of the image before image is loaded. How to pass current screen Height to ConverterParameter?

UPDATED: It is possible to use Window.Current.Bounds.Height in IValueConverter so there is no need now to pass it as a parameter.

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ConverterParameter is not a dependency property in silverlight.

Firstly check if is it a dependency property for WinRT. If it is not a dependency property you can't use binding.

As I see you are trying to stretch something. Maybe "ViewBox" class exists for your area,if so you put a control inside your ViewBox it automatically stretches.

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So "ConverterParameter IS NOT a depency property but a “simple” object in XAML". –  1gn1ter Mar 24 '13 at 15:51

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