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I am using Template::Toolkit to build my pages. I have a list of links on a page that each trigger an overlay using Jquery Tools. I want to pass some CGI variables to it but it is acting strange. My code in Template is:

[% FOREACH dvd IN dvd_chart %]

<div class="thumbnail">
<a href="popup.pl?overview=[% dvd.overview %]" rel="#overlay" style="text-decoration:none"><img  src="[% dvd.thumbnail %]" /></a>
<br />

[% END %]

The problem is that overview doesn't make it to the overlay. In fact the overlay appears blank. If I change the Template variable for a string the string does appear in the template. Does anyone know if there is some escaping that needs to be done to pass the Template variable? BTW, the [% dvd.overview %] variable is valid as I can dump it to screen and see the string.

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Can you add an example overview value? It might be that there's something that does need escaping. –  martin clayton Mar 23 '13 at 18:01
@martinclayton: thanks for that, you did enough to make me try escaping the overview before putting into the hash, it now passes correctly to the popup! - Thanks –  user2202355 Mar 23 '13 at 19:17

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