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In dokuwiki how can I hide "media manager" link or any other link on the top, from non logged in users?

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one way is changing the template like this: in /lib/tpl/dokuwiki/tpl_header.php:

                if ($INFO['isadmin']) {
                    tpl_action('recent', 1, 'li'); //recent changes
                    tpl_action('media', 1, 'li'); //media manager
                    tpl_action('index', 1, 'li'); //sitemap
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Thanks! Perfect answer for StackOverflow. –  Yar Mar 7 at 16:18

My solution will may be hide too much information, but here we go:

  1. Login as admin
  2. Go the management section
  3. Scroll to ACL (Access Control List) Management
  4. Set User/Group „@all“ Permissions to „None“
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Not exactly what you're looking for (and maybe a bit late anyway), but here's a way to disable the Media Manager link for all (including logged-in) users:

  • go to admin panel, Configuration Settings;
  • search for Disable DokuWiki actions (option name: disableactions);
  • in Other actions, add keyword media (see reference here).

Note that this will hide the link for everyone, but users with writing access can still launch the media manager by clicking on corresponding button when editing pages.

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