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I have an application written using SFML with a menu bar up at the top and a small box that lets you move things around under it. I need to convert the coordinates that I have from the View that I am using in the box to window coordinates so I can check if they are inside the box or not. I know that convertcoords converts window coordinates to view coordinates but is there a way to do that in reverse?

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With the latest SFML version (i.e. directly from GitHub or my Nightly Builds) you'll get the two functions mapPixelToCoords, formerly known as convertCoords, and mapCoordsToPixel, which is what you're looking for. Both functions are defined on the sf::RenderTarget and you can either let it use the view of the render target or provide an custom view.

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...um, what? I'm not sure what you mean by 'View coordinates.' I think what you need is CWnd::MapWindowPoints, in which you can read about here.

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I probably should have mentioned in the body of the question as well as the title that I am using SFML –  Roboinventor Mar 23 '13 at 19:06

mmm... I think there is no such function, you'll have to do it manually


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