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Current dedicated server Plesk (10.3) server setup as follow:

I have MainDomain setup to work in httpdocs (like public html) folder. Then I have two domains that are setup inside this folder, see structure below.

All sites works fine, but the problem occurs, when domain1 or domain2 want to read/write to folder that is in httpdocs in this case Test.

--- MainDomain
    -- Httpdocs
       -- Some files
       --  Test
       -- Domain1
        -- Some files
       -- Domain2
        -- Some files

Don’t know the exact issues, but I did set the owner and group permission to root, but did not work.

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It's an open_basedir restriction which comes from apache config:

php_admin_value open_basedir "/var/www/vhosts/MainDomain/Domain1/:/tmp/"

So, if you want to access to /var/www/vhosts/MainDomain/httpdocs/ you have to add this path to open_basedir for Domain1 and Domain2 (I'm not sure but in 10.4 there is able to do it from Plesk GUI)

But actually, it's totally wrong because it's a real security threat.

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Can you expand on security threat? –  TheDeveloper Mar 30 '13 at 18:19
If one of child web sites will be compromised, all of web sites created under /var/www/vhosts/MainDomain/ will be compromised too, because there is no open_basedir restriction and files of this websites belong to one system user. –  Oleg Neumyvakin Mar 31 '13 at 10:34
thanks, i understand what you mean now :). –  TheDeveloper Mar 31 '13 at 13:56
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