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Is it possible to dynamically create a list for anorm's "on" method?

I have a form with optional inputs and currently I check each Option and create a list with the defined Options and am trying to pass this through to anorm. Currently I get this compilation error

type mismatch; found : List[] required: (Any, anorm.ParameterValue[_])

I'm not sure how I would go about creating this list. Current code :

val onList = List(
        'school_id =,
        if(input.rooms isDefined)       ('rooms -> input.rooms) else "None" ,
        if(input.bathrooms isDefined)   ('bathrooms -> input.bathrooms) else "None" ,
        if(input.houseType isDefined)   ('houseType -> input.houseType) else "None" ,
        if(input.priceLow isDefined)    ('priceLow -> input.priceLow) else "None" ,
        if(input.priceHigh isDefined)   ('priceHigh -> input.priceHigh) else "None" ,
        if(input.utilities isDefined)   ('utilities -> input.utilities) else "None" 
SQL("SELECT * FROM Houses WHERE " + whereString).on(onList).as(sqlToHouse *)

I've tried doing this because initially I thought it would be the same as

.on('rooms -> input.rooms, 'bathroom -> input.bathrooms... etc)


Code is now:

val onList = Seq(
        ('school_id ->,
        if(input.rooms isDefined)       ('rooms -> input.rooms.get)         else None ,
        if(input.bathrooms isDefined)   ('bathrooms -> input.bathrooms.get) else None ,
        if(input.houseType isDefined)   ('houseType -> input.houseType.get) else None ,
        if(input.priceLow isDefined)    ('priceLow -> input.priceLow.get)   else None ,
        if(input.priceHigh isDefined)   ('priceHigh -> input.priceHigh.get) else None ,
        if(input.utilities isDefined)   ('utilities -> input.utilities.get) else None 

using SQL command:

SQL("SELECT * FROM Houses WHERE " + whereString).on(onList:_*).as(sqlToHouse *)

Now getting the exception

[ClassCastException: java.lang.Integer cannot be cast to anorm.ParameterValue]
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How is this supposed to work? What does whereString look like? –  Robin Green Aug 14 '13 at 16:42

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The important thing is that you have to create values of type ParameterValue. This is normally done using the toParameterValue() function.

One way would be to create a sequence of Options that you flatten:

val onList = Seq(
  Some('school_id ->,'rooms -> _),'bathrooms -> _)

This sequence can then be mapped to correct values:

  "SELECT * FROM Houses WHERE " + whereString
).on( => v._1 -> toParameterValue(v._2)): _*

This can be simplified like this:

val onList = Seq(
  Some('school_id ->,'rooms -> _),'bathrooms -> _)
).flatMap( => v._1 -> toParameterValue(v._2)))

  "SELECT * FROM Houses WHERE " + whereString
  onList: _*

Or maybe the simplest solution would be this:

val onList = Seq(
  Some('school_id -> toParameterValue(,'rooms -> toParameterValue(_)),'bathrooms -> toParameterValue(_))

  "SELECT * FROM Houses WHERE " + whereString
  onList: _*
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That's great! I didn't know about the toParameterValue function. Thanks –  kingdamian42 Mar 26 '13 at 5:21

You can have a look at multivalue parameter is next Anorm (coming Play 2.3/master).

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So I ended up just calling on multiple times.

var query = SQL("SELECT * FROM Houses WHERE " + whereString).on('school_id ->
if(input.rooms isDefined)       query= query.on('rooms -> input.rooms.get)
if(input.bathrooms isDefined)   query= query.on('bathrooms -> input.bathrooms.get)
if(input.houseType isDefined)   query= query.on('houseType -> input.houseType.get)
if(input.priceLow isDefined)    query= query.on('priceLow -> input.priceLow.get)
if(input.priceHigh isDefined)   query= query.on('priceHigh -> input.priceHigh.get)
if(input.utilities isDefined)   query= query.on('utilities -> input.utilities.get) *)
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