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I am trying to select a span with specific text in jquery. Jquery "contains" is not very strict, so if I use it and search for "tab", it would also select "table", which I dont want.

$(".spanbox:contains('Tab')").css('background-color', 'Green')

The example-spans:

<span class="spanbox">Tab</span>
<span class="spanbox">Table</span>

Is there a way to exclusively select on of the classes members with a certain text?

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You can do it using .filter() with a function parameter, like so:

$(".spanbox").filter(function() {
   return $(this).text() == 'Tab';
}).css('background-color', 'Green');
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try this way :

$.fn.textEquals = function (text) {
    var match = false;
    $(this).each(function () {
        if ($(this).text().match("^" + escapeRegex(text) + "$")) {
            match = true;
            return false;
    return match;

$(".spanbox").textEquals('Tab').css('background-color', 'Green');
$(".spanbox").textEquals('Table').css('background-color', 'Red');
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