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what are the jars required to connect to t3s weblogic server from a websphere client?

i currently have the following jars wlfullclient.jar cipher.jar webserviceclient+ssl.jar (added to the shared library)

i added weblogic.jar to my shared library but it is not getting picked up.

servers websphere 7 to weblogic 10.3 JNDI lookup type t3s

any help in this regard will be really grateful.

thanks, Nizam

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Have you tryied connecting to your Weblogic from a standalone client? Should be almost the same configuration as WebSphere in this case is only hosting a weblogic client. –  Marcos Maia Mar 24 '13 at 16:49
we tried connecting to the weblogic client from a standalone application. it works when i have weblogic jar in my classpath but i want to eliminate weblogic jar.what are the other jars required to enable SSL between websphere 7 and weblogic 10.3. i currently have wlfullclient.jar,wlcipher.jar and webserviceclient+ssl.jar . is there any additional jar required ? Thanks, Nizam –  Nizam Mar 26 '13 at 5:14

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this issue turned out to be compatability between websphere 7 and weblogic 10.3 . This is a known issue . this was fixed by applying patch on weblogic 10.3 and an updated weblogic.jar.

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