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I'm trying to get docpad working with scss on a windows 7 system.

As far as I know i've got sass installed and working cause it starts running from the command line. The path in the environment vars is correct.

docpad is working cause I get compiled code in the out folder.

but when I add a css.scss file I get an error

Error: SCSS does not appear to be available on your system

I tried to add a plugin config:

plugins: sass: scssPath: "/Ruby139/bin"

but that gives another error

Does anyone have an idea what to try now?

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And there you go, found the answer: set the correct path for the plugin: plugins: sass: sassPath: 's:/Ruby193/bin/sass.bat' scssPath: 's:/Ruby193/bin/scss.bat' –  Michaud Mar 25 '13 at 23:47

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So the answer is set the correct path to the sass batch files in the ruby folder:

        sassPath: 's:/Ruby193/bin/sass.bat'
        scssPath: 's:/Ruby193/bin/scss.bat'
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