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I'm using vs2008, asp.net website.

Having all sorts of issues with vs2008, latest is that I have no intellisense.. none at all. Also, the 2 dropdowns at the top of my .aspx and .aspx.vb pages (i.e. in VS code view) have also gone (so I've lost the shortcut to add a page_load snippet, etc..

why oh why could this be happening? 'build web site' completes successfully with no errors.

cheers :D

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  1. Try restarting VS2008
  2. Try rebooting your machine
  3. Try reinstalling VS2008
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groan looks like I'm at option 3 :( –  Tabloo Quijico Oct 13 '09 at 13:54

The following actions can help determine what the problem with your Intellisense is:

  1. Create a new project to see if Intellisense returns. If it does, it's a project issue.
  2. Run devenv /resetsettings to reset any settings that might have corrupted VS.
  3. Disable add-ins to see if any of these are the problem. Reenable them one at a time until you find the one that causes the problem.
  4. Create a new user account and run it from there. If it doesn't run, it's a corrupted user profile.
  5. Reboot Windows to safe mode and see if it's an environment problem
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thanks pete, I'll get working through those... no luck so far though to point 4.. –  Tabloo Quijico Oct 13 '09 at 13:55

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