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I'm trying to annotate a plot made using the RgoogleMaps package, but the text isn't showing. Here is the code:


lat <- c(6,37.5)
lon <- c(67,98)
center = c(mean(lat), mean(lon))
zoom <- 4

terrmap <- GetMap(center=center, size=c(440,440), maptype="terrain", 
zoom=zoom, path="&style=feature:all|element:labels|visibility:off", 
png(filename="/home/simon/Rplots/india_terrain2.png", width=175, height=175, 
units="mm", pointsize=12, bg="transparent", res=240)
PlotOnStaticMap(terrmap, lat=85,lon=32.5, add=FALSE, FUN=text,labels="Bhimgodha basin")

Can anyone see what is going wrong?

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Everything's working fine, you just have your latitude / longitude turned around.

Swap lat with lon and you'll see your text

   PlotOnStaticMap(terrmap, lon=85,lat=32.5, add=FALSE, FUN=text, labels="Bhimgodha basin")

As a general rule of thumb, when debugging PlotOnStaticMap: if you're not getting any errors, then the plots are probably occurring out of view. Check your coordinates and all should be well

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What a silly mistake! Thanks for taking the time to answer. –  si_2012 Mar 24 '13 at 8:39
We've all done it. :) –  Ricardo Saporta Mar 24 '13 at 21:23
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