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I'm creating an iOs app that fetches pictures from flickr. I was modifying my project to have it working in both iPhone and iPad, but my iPad storyboard isn't working: it simply doesn't show the picture in the detail view of the SplitViewController, and in the master view of the controller, the row of the tableview looks like it's selected. I followed a very similar code, and I also took at look at the storyboard, and I think I have it right, but it really doesn't work.

I took a screenshot, but in case you wanna take a look at the whole storyboard or code, it's in https://github.com/noloman/StanfordFlickrFetcher

enter image description here

Thanks a lot in advance!

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It looks like you connected the segue to the controller itself (PhotosTVC) rather than the cell.

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that's right! thanks a lot, I couldn't see it :) –  manulorenzo Mar 24 '13 at 10:53

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