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Say I have a file named output.txt. Every line in output.txt starts with a different word. How could I perform something like if any line starts with "word" then add "new word" to the end of the line?

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4 Answers

Here's one way using Perl.

perl -p -e'$_ .= "new word" if /^word/" output.txt > newfile.txt

If you want to edit the file in place you would use Perl's -i flag for "in place edit"

perl -i -p -e'$_ .= "new word" if /^word/" output.txt

You could also use sed or awk.

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Andy's answer is good. If you want to use sed you could do

sed 's/\(^word.*$\)/\1new word/' input.txt > output.txt
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Even simpler: sed '/^word/s/$/new word/' input.txt > output.txt. This "replaces" the end of the line with "new word", but only on lines that begin with "word". –  chepner Mar 24 '13 at 2:03
Very nice, @chepner! –  Floris Mar 24 '13 at 3:23
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while read i; do
    if [[ $i == word* ]]; then
        echo ${i}newword >> newfile
        echo $i >> newfile
done < "file.txt"
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awk '$1 == "word" {$(NF+1) = "new word"} 1' output.txt > tempfile &&
mv tempfile output.txt

I'm assume you don't necessarily need regex matching for the first word

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