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I am using javascript and need to grab the value of an existing onclick and append to it. I am not trying to replace the current onclick, I am trying to append to the front, or end, of it. But all different iterations of this effort are failing.

Quick example:

<a href="blah" id="tabA" onclick="alert("this");"
   function test() {
      alert("that") ;
document.getElementById('tabA').onclick = "test();" + document.getElementById('tabA').getAttribute('onclick') ;
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I have the contents of the current onclick...still can't figure out how to prepend it with the new content (js code) though – rolinger Mar 24 '13 at 4:25

When using the .onclick event you should use function and then the action:

document.getElementById("tabA").onclick = function()
alert("hello world")//this will work

document.getElementById('tabA').onclick = "test();" + document.getElementById('tabA').getAttribute('onclick') ;//fail since events are not variables to store values.

So, what you whatever you are tring to do, in that way it wont work.

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I don't know if I had got your point. My solution is

    <a href="blah" id="tabA" onclick="alert('this');">tabA</a>
       function test() {
          alert("that") ;
       var oldClick = document.getElementById('tabA').getAttribute('onclick') ;
       var newClick = function(){
    document.getElementById('tabA').onclick = newClick;

when I click the 'tabA', it alerts 'that' then 'this'. http://jsfiddle.net/x3Xds/

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chard, your solution almost has me there. I was able to redefine the onclick, however I tested for the new value of the new onclick and all I would see is "function(){ test(); eval(oldClick); }" - I wouldn't actually see the old onclick code nor would the orig/old onclick code execute. I even tried <pre>var newClick=function(){ test();oldClick(); }. Thoughts? – rolinger Mar 24 '13 at 21:39

I know this is quite old but, I needed to do the same thing.

I got around this by using an event;

obj.addEventListener('click', function(){ test(); }, false);
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