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I am struggling to call a component in another module where a called component using its own actions::functionname

For example

module/user/actions/actions.class.php have function like getUserName() I am calling userActions::getUserName() function in same module's component, its working fine i.e

file: module/user/actions/components.class.php

public function executeShowUsername () {
$this->userName =userActions::getUserName();

in template of component (module/user/templates/_showUsername.php) echo $userName; (working fine )

Now, problem is: When including ('user','showUserName') component in other module like file: module/generate/template/indexSuccess.php

<?php include_component('user', 'showUserName'); ?>

I am getting error:

Fatal error: Class 'userActions' not found in /myproject/apps/frontend/modules/user/actions/components.class.php on line 86

How can I resolve it? Can't we call component in other module if it is calling function like userActions::getUserName()

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If you are working with the user session, you may just access it directly in your layout templating ( see User Session section in

<?php echo $sf_user->getAttribute('nickname') ?>

Otherwise, to pass variables to the component (see the Component section in

[from Listing 7-13 - Passing Parameters to a Component and Its Template]

// Call to the component
// rather than calling userActions::getUserName() in the component.class
// put your code from userActions::getUserName() into the model (or other accessible place)
// then call the component
<?php include_component('user', 'showUserName', array('MyUserName' => 'myuser')) ?>

// In the component itself
echo $this->MyUserName;
/* results in */ => 'myuser'

// In the _show_user_name.php partial
echo $MyUserName;
/* results in */ => 'myuser' 
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I am not working with session, in above example i have simply actually funtion to getUserName(),but it will great help to me if i can use showUserName component in any other module. Also i am not clear why i need to shift code from global access class file does the way i am trying to support in symfony1.2 ? – user001 Mar 26 '13 at 1:22
I think the way you are calling get userName() in a component with reference to the actions.class does not work with the design of the framework. That is why I think if you put the getUserName() function within the model, you would be able to access it within your component and include it in other modules. Hope this helps. – Qoheleth-Tech Mar 27 '13 at 0:26

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