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# search for a particular date (between two other dates)    
  a = self.where('created_at > ? AND created_at < ?', yes, tom)
# search for a particular location
  a = a.each do |loc|
    if coorDist(loc.lat, loc.lng, lat, lng) < dist
      return loc

I'm trying to return a hash like the initial value of a here. How do I loop through the hash and collect the entities that meet the condition of this if statement?? The way it is there, it just returns the first result.

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a.select! do |loc|
  coorDist(loc.lat, loc.lng, lat, long) < dist

If you are just returning the hash, use select instead of select!.

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had to use the .select { |loc| etc }. each uses the do. you got it though, thank you! i feel like that was easy, and should probably go to bed... –  Mallanaga Mar 24 '13 at 4:16

Instead of #each and if, use #select.

# search for a particular location
a = a.select do |loc|
  coorDist(loc.lat, loc.lng, lat, lng) < dist
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