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Am developing software in VB.NET that needs to store related information of Contacts etc. I can't use MS-SQL or MySQL as Database because if I do that, then if I've to install on another PC, I'll also need to install MS-SQL on that PC. Isn't there any "built-in Database" in VB.NET?

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Based off your use case about needing to store relational data but not being able to install a full-fledged database server product, it sounds like your application benefit from using an embedded database.

There was a previous question about this here

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You can use DataSets. Have a look here.

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I would recommend XML with Datasets. You need not to install any software, and there are tons of guides on how to read/write from/to XML files.

Another solution would be SQL Compact; it's kinda like SQLite (doesn't require installation)

SQL Compact:

XML Solutions Samples:

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If your are dealing with a significant amount of data, a database is the appropriate solution. SQL Express is free, works well with VB and is, well, moderately easy to package as a pre-requisite with your msi file when you build the installer.

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