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I am using a as an alert bar on my page. I have a logout message appearing after the user logs out. But the div shows up all the time. I want it to show up only once the user logs out.

my code is as such that makes the div read the message


if ($_GET['msg'])
       echo '<div id="success_message">' . base64_decode(urldecode($_GET['msg'])) . '</div>';


I figure we could add something to this code to make it appear after the page is visited after the logout. Any ideas?

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I'd approach it from the other way - i.e, rather than responding to a message that says the user is logged out, I would always show the div unless the user is logged in. That's the approach I use to handling a request for a page that the user must be logged-on to access. If the user isn't logged on, then the request is redirected to login.php –  enhzflep Mar 24 '13 at 4:56

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echo '<div id="success_message">' . base64_decode(urldecode($_GET['msg'])) . '</div>';
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if (isset($_GET['msg'])) {

And you should set it somewhere before this code just after user logs out.

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if($_GET['var']) isn't valid anymore.

Try to use the function 'isset' to verify the existence of the string.

if(isset($_GET['param'])) {
   // ...
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