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I just copied a Visual Studio solution over from another computer. I haven't done any changes, but the Resharper testrunner takes forever to start up my mstests. When the tests are finally running, they run fast.

There's a JetBrains.ReSharper.TaskRunner.exe which consumes 48% of my total cpu on my dual core.

Visual Studio's internal test runner runs them all instantly.

(VS 2008, R# 4.5.1281 on Windows Vista 64. The other computer without the problems runs on Windows 7 RC.)

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You should consider asking JetBrains why this happens


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I did that too. Still waiting for an answer, however I was hoping someone here already knew the solution. –  Thomas Eyde Oct 13 '09 at 13:13
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I got this reply in my mailbox today:

This is a known problem and we're doing our best to fix it. I'll let you know as soon as a fix will become available

Let's hope soon is not far away.

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have you considered moving to nUnit and avoid the awful mstests altogether? –  Anthony Shaw Oct 14 '09 at 22:50
Unfortunately, that's not an option from where I sit. –  Thomas Eyde Oct 15 '09 at 16:57

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