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We've had few pages on our site which were open only for signed-in users. However, the urls of these pages were shared on facebook and whenever facebook visited these pages it got redirected to common page which is shown for non signed-in users.

Now, we have opened these pages for all and implemented like button on these pages. And whenever someone likes one page it gets reflected on other pages as well, I am assuming this is because facebook internally still thinks all point to same url. However, I am setting the href attribute to these pages, still it doesn't work.

Is there a way where I can reset the counter for these pages and make facebook treat these as new pages? I did try passing few GET params, still it shows old counter

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Enter the URLs into this Facebook Lint form (or make requests to this page with the proper parameters from an application) and it will clear Facebook's cache of those pages.


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Yes Alex, I figured that out. I saw your post after I posted my own answer. – Harsha Mar 24 '13 at 7:06

I figured it out. I just had to make facebook re-crawl these pages again. I could have waited for 24hrs, which is the frequency with which facebook crawls pages. I chose to use facebook linter, which makes facebook query the url immediately


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