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i am using scons for different compilers. vc10 and renesas compiler. if i compile the program by using env.program(---) am getting the link flags as

"link /nologo /subsystem:console /pdb:project.pdb /OUT:program.exe D:\build1\subdirA\subdirA.lib D:\build1\subdirB\subdirB.lib main.obj"

it is working for VC10 compiler. But for renesas(my microcontroller) compiler, i am getting an error like

"Cannot open file : "/OUT:program.exe""

it will accept " -output=program.abs" command when linking. how can i change that one. can you please tell me

when program is linking /OUT:program.exe is adding by default.

can you please tell me how to change that to "-output=program.abs"

Thank you

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What you want to do is called cross-compile: compile a Renesas binary on Windows. Seems like what you have done is loaded the Windows VC10 toolset in SCons (SCons does this automatically unless told not to) and just changed the compiler binary, so SCons is still using the VC10 compiler/linker flags, which dont seem to be compatible. I had to do something similar once with SCons, where I cross-compiled Cavium Octeon in a Linux environment, but luckily for me almost all of the flags were compatible.

I dont know anything about Renesas, but if its compilation flags are more similar to another platform/toolset, then load those instead of Windows, as follows where Im loading the Linux gcc toolset.

env = Environment(tools = ['gcc'])

Look for Construction Environments in the SCons man page for a complete list of supported tools. Keep in mind that by doing this, you will no longer have support for the native platform toolset, Windows VC10 in your case.

When and if you find a similar platform, and you still need to change some compiler/linker flags or options, take a look at changing the related SCons Construction Variables. A few that could be helpful are: CXXFLAGS, LIBSUFFIX, LINKFLAGS, OBJSUFFIX, and PROGSUFFIX. The LINKFLAGS construction variable is actually the answer to your original question.

I did a google search for scons renesas, and came across this link which might also be helpful.

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Thanks brady i edited the LINKFLAGS according to the linker specific. now it is working fine :-) –  Srinivas Reddy Mar 25 '13 at 6:04
I was appended LINKCOM flags. with LINK and LINKFLAGS –  Srinivas Reddy Mar 25 '13 at 7:36

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