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I have a function that accepts wildcard keyword parameters:

def func(**kargs):

How do I send it a dictionary?

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Just use func(**some_dict) to call it.

This is documented on section 4.7.4 of python tutorial.

Note that the same dict is not passed into the function. A new copy is created, so some_dict is not kwargs.

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It's not 100% clear by your question, but if you'd like to pass a dict in through kwargs, you just make that dict a part of another dict, like so:

my_dict = {}                       #the dict you want to pass to func
kwargs  = {'my_dict': my_dict }    #the keyword argument container
func(**kwargs)                     #calling the function

Then you can catch my_dict in the function:

def func(**kwargs):
    my_dict = kwargs.get('my_dict')


def func(my_dict, **kwargs):
    #reference my_dict directly from here
    my_dict['new_key'] = 1234

I use the latter a lot when I have the same set of options passed to different functions, but some functions only use some the options (I hope that makes sense...). But there are of course a million ways to go about this. If you elaborate a bit on your problem we could most likely help you better.

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this will mean kwargs=mydict inside the function

all the keys of mydict must be strings

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