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In my Rails 3 application, users are given a small package that they will only be able to hold for a short amount of time e.g 20 mins. The package's ownership is stored in a table with a users has_many packages relationship. After 20 mins has elapsed, the package should transfer ownership to another user. This means updating relevant tables and re-adding another time based event as this process is repeated.

Additionally, the start time for each 20 mins interval is random, it is a user initiated process.

Could this be done using any of the common solutions to time based events like cron, delayed_job etc? I expect that this would result in a massive queue of events if there were many packages being passed around.

One extra note - the 20 mins ownership transfer process can also be interrupted. This means that the solution should also take into account that these dynamic jobs can also be cancelled individually.

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Both delayed_job and sidekiq have built-in scheduler and resque has plugin for that. It's pretty straight forward with these systems.

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Thanks :) I'll give resque-scheduler a shot! –  nightscent Mar 26 '13 at 4:16

The whenever gem is great at configuring cron tasks from your Rails app.


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