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Hello i am totally new to ruby on rails.

I am getting this error: undefined local variable or method `hej'

in my application.html.erb i have:


and in application.controller i have this:

class ApplicationController < ActionController::Base
    def index
       hej = "Hej hans" #also tried @hej = "Hej hans"


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You are setting hej as a local variable here in your controller so it's not available in the view. An uncapitalized word - like 'hej' here - in a method will be treated as a local variable when you assign it a value using =. If you want to make that available to other methods, and in Rails to the views, you need to make it an instance variable by calling it '@hej' not just 'hej'. To call that instance variable in the view in Rails you need to use its full name '@hej' - the @ sign is important.

Needs to be:

def index
  @hej = "Hej hans"

in view

<%= @hej %>
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hej is a local variable. They only exists within it's scope (current block) - and are not available to your view.

@hej is an instance variable - and is available to all methods within the class. It's also available to your view. You also need to call it with @hej in the view.

You need to add an @ to your hej variable (@hej).

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