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Data processing with XE3 programs take up to 10 times more than with same programs compiled with XE2. This is known issue (probably refers mainly to TStringField), reported to QC 111942, but it is not fixed yet. Does anybody have a fix / workaround for this issue?

TIA Branko

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IMHO your only hope is to downgrade or use some third party memory table component –  ComputerSaysNo Mar 24 '13 at 13:05
@ComputerSaysNo - the issue is not TClientDataset specific, I don't even use CDS –  Branko Mar 24 '13 at 18:03

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Same in XE5. Plus extra traffic and all this client-server thing require >5 Mbit per second (!) to work normally. I am using only TFDConnection and TFDQuery. Specially for MySQL the speed is the same with Delphi components and with third-party driver (libmysql.dll). If you have no FireDAC you can replace TFDQuery with TSQLQuery. Here is a procedure how to fill a string grid:

procedure SelGrid(sql:ansiString;Q:TFDQuery;grid:TStringGrid);
var i: integer;
  while not Q.Eof do begin
    for i := 0 to grid.ColCount-1 do grid.Cells[i,grid.RowCount-1]:=Q.Fields.Fields[i].AsString;
  if grid.RowCount>1 then grid.RowCount:=grid.RowCount-1;

This is VCL string grid. Of course you muse deal with updates and so on, but you'll have no more performance problems.

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QC item 111942 is marked as resolved in XE4. Are you sure it is the same issue? (The WC entry includes a test application to measure the performance for this specific problem) –  mjn Jul 14 at 6:29
No, I am not sure, but with MySQL5 I had performance issues, which dissapeared with 3rd party connection. After that I start trying and found that with TFDConnection and TFDQuery performance is the same like libmysql.dll, so I rebuilt the app with TFDConnection and TFDQuery. Now I'm not dealing with databases, so this was just an old memory. –  LHristov Jul 14 at 7:06

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