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I am trying to use the Perl AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced module, and I try to use sign in the array of initial facts. The documentation of this module shows an example:

my $ai = AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced->new(
viewer_class => 'terminal',
knowledge_db => $yaml_kdb,
initial_facts => ['I', ['F', '-'], ['G', '+']);

but there is something wrong (syntax error). I thing that one ] missing at the end of code.

First question: What is the correct form? When I run the example my terminal shows me a lot of errors.

Second question: Can I use a file to stored initial facts?

Thanks for your answers.

Error log:

when I use example from documentation:

syntax error at line 24, near "])"
Global symbol "$ai" requires explicit package name at line 26.
Missing right curly or square bracket at line 27, at end of line
Execution of aborted due to compilation errors.

When I put ] in its correct place at the end of expression: initial_facts => ['I', ['F', '-'], ['G', '+']]);

Attribute (initial_facts) does not pass the type constraint because: Validation failed for 'ArrayRef[Str]' with value ARRAY(0x3268038) at C:/Perl64/lib/Moose/Meta/ line 1274.
  Moose::Meta::Attribute::verify_against_type_constraint('Moose::Meta::Attribute=HASH(0x3111108)', 'ARRAY(0x3268038)', 'instance', 'AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced=HASH(0x30ef068)') called at C:/Perl64/lib/Moose/Meta/ line 1261
  Moose::Meta::Attribute::_coerce_and_verify('Moose::Meta::Attribute=HASH(0x3111108)', 'ARRAY(0x3268038)', 'AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced=HASH(0x30ef068)') called at C:/Perl64/lib/Moose/Meta/ line 531
  Moose::Meta::Attribute::initialize_instance_slot('Moose::Meta::Attribute=HASH(0x3111108)', 'Moose::Meta::Instance=HASH(0x32673d8)', 'AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced=HASH(0x30ef068)', 'HASH(0x3118298)') called at C:/Perl64/lib/Class/MOP/ line 525
  Class::MOP::Class::_construct_instance('Moose::Meta::Class=HASH(0x2eb2418)', 'HASH(0x3118298)') called at C:/Perl64/lib/Class/MOP/ line 498
  Class::MOP::Class::new_object('Moose::Meta::Class=HASH(0x2eb2418)', 'HASH(0x3118298)') called at C:/Perl64/lib/Moose/Meta/ line 274
  Moose::Meta::Class::new_object('Moose::Meta::Class=HASH(0x2eb2418)', 'HASH(0x3118298)') called at C:/Perl64/lib/Moose/ line 28
  Moose::Object::new('AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced', 'viewer_class', 'terminal', 'knowledge_db', 'AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced::KnowledgeDB::YAML=HASH(0x3118478)', 'verbose', 1, 'initial_facts', 'ARRAY(0x3268038)') called at line 20
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What happens if you add the missing square bracket? – Koterpillar Mar 24 '13 at 9:37
Could you post the errors please? – Schwern Mar 24 '13 at 9:59
ok i added errors to question... – Tomas Kocian Mar 24 '13 at 10:17
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This is a bug in the documentation (and possibly in the module itself).

To set the object up with negative initial facts you need to create the dictionary object first.

my $initial_facts_dict = AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced::Dictionary->new(
    stack => [ 'I', ['F', '-'], ['G', '+'] ]);

my $ai = AI::ExpertSystem::Advanced->new(
    viewer_class => 'terminal',
    knowledge_db => $yaml_kdb,
    initial_facts_dict => $initial_facts_dict,
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I think it is all right but it show me allways: ERROR: No inference was possible. – Tomas Kocian Mar 30 '13 at 12:08

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