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With angularjs ng-repeat,

I'm filtering a list of people, the list of resulting people is passed to a variable "filtered". I want to display filtered.length.

The filter works correctly and displays the right people when I adjust the filters, However the count of how many people (i.e. filtered.length) sometimes doesn't update.

It seems rather strange:

    People Selected: {{filtered.length}}<br><br>
    Cost: {{filtered.length*0.01 | currency}}
<div class="span10">
    <table class="people">
        <tr ng-repeat="person in (filtered = (data.people | filter:okay))">
            <td>{{person.age}} - {{person.gender}} - {{person.tags}}</td>

However it seems if I show the filtered.length at the bottom of the page (after the ng-repeat) it works. If I put it at the top it only works 80% of the time.

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Could move filter method to controller so you can update a length variable:

app.controller('MainCtrl', function($scope) {

  var items=[
    {name:'Jim', ok: true},
    {name:'Sue', ok: true},
    {name:'Bob', ok: false},


         return item[$scope.filter.property]==$scope.filter.value

    $scope.filter={value:true, property: 'ok'}

Plunker demo

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I've found a solution which unfortunately requires running the filter multiple times:

    People Selected: {{(data.people | filter:okay).length}}<br><br>
    Cost: {{(data.people | filter:okay).length*0.02|currency}}

It will be okay for my small data set but let me know if you can see the bug in my original question.

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try moving the filter to controller as a function and can update a scope variable with length of resultant array –  charlietfl Mar 24 '13 at 16:34
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