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I have an action create and another action register_and_create. The first creates subscription and the seconds creates user and subscription. But I will have to copy the code of create action in register_and_create action. So is it good practice to use Net::HTTP to send POST request from register_and_create to create action?

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No, it is not a good practice.

If it were GET method, you should execute action code and return redirection to the second action.

For POST methods you should execute all code in register_and_create action. Sending NET:HTTP might cause a lot of problems - you have to make sure you assigned all HTTP headers, unnecessary requests comes to the server, etc.

If you found common parts of codes it might be good to move your code to lib module and use include in your controllers.

For example:

module RegistrationModule
  def create_user
    # your code goes here

class RegistrationController < ApplicationController
  include RegistrationModule

  def register_and_create
    # subscribe

  def create
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Тhanks for the answer :) –  Tsvetelina Borisova Mar 24 '13 at 16:19

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