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I have a listView and I want to add new items to the top of the list view but I dont want list view to scroll its content. I want user to look at the same item as he was looking before new items were added.

This is how I add new items to ListView:


and this is addRangeToTop method:

public void addRangeToTop(ArrayList<Comment> comments)
    for (Comment comment : comments)
        this.insert(comment, 0);        

this is my listView:

    android:stackFromBottom="true" >        

What I want to do is to load old comments when user scrolls to the top.

Thank you for your help.

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possible duplicate of Retaining position in ListView after calling notifyDataSetChanged –  bummi Nov 11 '14 at 21:08

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Also have a look at ListView's method public void setSelection (int position). After you added new comments, and notified your adapter, you can use it to keep the current item selected.

// Get the current selected index
int previousSelectedIndex = yourListView.getSelectedItemPosition();

// Change your adapter

// Determine how many elements you just inserted
int numberOfInsertedItems = comments.size();

// Update the selected position
yourListView.setSelection(previousSelectedIndex + numberOfInsertedItems);

NOTE: Code is untested. Good luck

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thank you, this works somehow, but not very well. It scrolls two items up. I think it is because List view does not scroll by items but by pixels, and setSelection scrolls exactly to the item. –  Harlsten Mar 24 '13 at 11:13
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I have found solution here Retaining position in ListView after calling notifyDataSetChanged

Sorry for duplicate question. The final code is this:

    int index = this.commentsListView.getFirstVisiblePosition() + comments.size();
    View v = this.commentsListView.getChildAt(commentsListView.getHeaderViewsCount());
    int top = (v == null) ? 0 : v.getTop();         


    this.commentsListView.setSelectionFromTop(index, top);
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thanks for this! –  sirvon Oct 6 '14 at 23:55

May be this is what you are looking for:


"This makes list automatically scroll to the bottom when a data set change notification is received and only if the last item is already visible on screen." - as quoted here

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