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As I understand, strings in Scala are value types:

var a = "hello"
var b = a
b = "hi"


println(a)   // hello
println(b)  // hi

I want a to point to b and make code above print


Is this possible?

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The title of your question is confused. Modifying references is separate from modifying values. Furthermore, Scala uses Java's String and they are immutable. – Randall Schulz Mar 24 '13 at 16:55
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Warning: This is very bad functional style

Your a and b are strings. What you want is a reference to a string!

class StringRef(var s:String)  

val a = new StringRef("hello")
val b = a
b.s = "Hi"
println(a.s)   // Hi
println(b.s)   // Hi
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You can't do this because in Java/Scala everything is assigned-by-value. You can't assign a variable to directly reference another variable.

Instead you can assign both variables to contain the same reference value to a mutable object.

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