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Using CakePHP:

In my example I have a model named users and then associated models admins, students, parents.

Now, each admin, student and user belongsTo a user. (In addition each student belongsTo a parent)

I need separate controllers for each of the models but I don't want to have a separate database table for each model. i.e. All the users are stored in the users table and have a user_type of admin, parent or child.

Firstly, is this the correct way of setting it up, or should each student, admin etc. model have it's own table in the database? And secondly, how do I make models that are based on the tables of their associated models?

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Why do you "need separate controllers"? – Dave Mar 24 '13 at 16:14
@Dave I guess I don't need separate controllers? But do I need separate models? – Chaim Mar 25 '13 at 6:31

class Example extends AppModel {
    public $useTable = false; // This model does not use a database table

Cake allow you to have model that not connected to any database table.

Use models without any db table or not is your choice I think :)

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