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I am moving my solution to a TFS environment. several (8) "old" C++ projects that were created in VS 2010 and migrated to VS 2012 are missing the vcxproj.filters file. These projects appear happy and content to live without the .filters, but when I try to add them to TFS 2012 from within visual studio (not from the external source control tool) in order to have a source-control binding in the project file, I get errors due to the missing filters file.

Did anyone encounter a similar problem? any solution?


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I wish the guy that did -1 on this would encounter the same problem. This sucks. I'm currently creating new project files manually copying the old ones to them (hoping I don't break something) – OSH Mar 24 '13 at 16:01
+1: I do not see anything wrong in this post. – Kirill Kobelev Jul 12 '13 at 22:57

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ok. so there is a very easy solution to this: just add a file filter (project -> add -> add new filter). this cause VS to create the filters file for you...

apparently this only happens if you don't have any filter (folder) in your project.

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