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I have 5 sheets in a workbook namely Sheet1, Sheet2, Sheet3.... Maintaining some data in each sheet. In first sheet namely Consolidation I need the B3 Cell value of each sheet to be displayed in each cell

Table in the Consolidation sheet will be as below

SheetNo|    Name    | value (Value of B3 Cell of respective sheet )
       |            |
1      | Party 1    | Value of Sheet1!B3
2      | Party 2    | Value of Sheet2!B3
3      | Party 3    | Value of Sheet3!B3
4      | Party 4    | Value of Sheet4!B3
N      | Party N    | Value of Sheetn!B3
Z      | Party Z    | Value of SheetZ!B3

I want this to be done most likely through some cell functions only not using VBA Scripting

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go to your Consolidation sheet:

a1: 1, a2: 2, a3: 3 etc
a2: ="Party "&a1
a3: =INDIRECT("Sheet"&a1&"!b3")
auto fill rest
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Unless I'm missing something haven't you sort of already answered it with your example?

=SheetName!Address will return the value of Address on SheetName

If you wanted it a little more dynamic so you dont have to manually fill the sheet name, you could do something like this.

=INDIRECT("Sheet" & Row() & "!$B$3")

However it will only do numeric sheet names. (unless N and Z are just numbers then theres no problem)

Just looked and saw that you've got the sheet number next in Column A so you can substitue Row() for $A$1

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To refer to a cell by name, you can use the INDIRECT() function, as in:


Here, B1 is the cell containing the name of your sheet. The expression inside the parentheses will evaluate to, for example, 'Party 1'!$B$3. INDIRECT() will expand that to the actual value of cell B3 in sheet Party 1.

The extra single-quotes are required to deal with the spaces in your sheet names.

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Excellent & simple solution Thanks a tons – user2204733 Mar 25 '13 at 11:44
Glad to help and welcome to StackOverflow. Since you are new here, please make sure to read the FAQ, in particular How do I ask questions here? about upvoting and accepting answers. – Reinier Torenbeek Mar 25 '13 at 13:13

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