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I am currently writting some Aspect Oriented code in C++. I have the following class hierarchy :

class Base                   { virtual void doSmth() {/* generic stuff */ } };
class DerivedA : public Base { virtual void doSmth() {/* specific DerivedA stuff */} };
class DerivedB : public Base { virtual void doSmth() {/* specific DerivedB stuff */} };

I have defined some aspects classes to add some features to the classes described above :

template <class I>
class Aspect1 : public I
  void doSmth() { I::doSmth(); doSmthMore(); }
  void doSmthMore() { /* do something specific to Aspect1 */ }

template <class I>
class Aspect2 : public I
  void doSmth() { I::doSmth(); doSmthMore(); }
  void doSmthMore() { /* do something specific to Aspect2 */ }

In specific cases (Aspect1 over DerivedA and DerivedB) I have the following specialization of Aspect1 :

template <>
class Aspect1< DerivedA > : public DerivedA
  void doSmth() { I::doSmth(); doSmthMore(); doSmthMoreA(); }
  void doSmthMore()  { /* do something specific to Aspect1 */ }
  void doSmthMoreA() { /* do something specific to Aspect1 for DerivedA*/ }
// Idem for Aspect1//DerivedB

My question

How can I be sure that the specialization of Aspect1 for, let's say DerivedA, will be compiled even if I type it with Aspect2<DerivedA> as template parameter ?

i.e. in a configuration file :

typedef Aspect2<Aspect1<DerivedA> > > ClassToBeUsed; // This is OK

typedef Aspect1<Aspect2<DerivedA> > > ClassToBeUsed; // This is not (Aspect1 specialization for DerivedA is not compiled)

One possibility could be that any class derived from DerivedA use the specialisation Aspect1 . Is there any way to do that (maybe using some boost::is_base_of and boost::enable_if) ?

I thought that I could use some typedef DerivedA AspectBase; in the DerivedA body, but I don't see how to specialize the Aspect1 template class over a typedef inside the template class argument.

Thanks for your suggestions !

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You can't, the only way you can be sure is if the type Aspect1<DerivedA> is used. If it is used, it will be compiled, otherwise not.

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Is there no way to "forward" the definition Aspect1< ANYTYPE_DERIVED_FROM_DERIVEDA > to Aspect1<DerivedA> ? – gleeen.gould Mar 24 '13 at 15:47

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