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This questions is related to Kohana ORM AND Caching module. I use version 3.2 if it matters. I tried to research trust me, but I really couldn't find some good answer... so here it is:

  1. What are the correct ways to use ORM::cached() and ORM::serialize() and ORM::$reload_on_wakeup?
    I've seen many 2-line code examples but never anything really solid on the userguide/api...

  2. What is the difference between enabling Cache module and 'caching' => true in Kohana::init?

  3. Anyone has any recommended approach for the following specific situations? I have a catalogue page that upon profiling, I realized two very expensive actions:

    • I queried database each time for a currency model for each item, when the currency information can really be reused.
    • I queried database each time for each item's inventory item, this is an expensive query, which I wish I can cache until inventory level changes.

References that I found but couldn't answer fully my questions:
http://forum.kohanaframework.org/discussion/1782/tip-for-caching-orm-objects/p1 http://forum.kohanaframework.org/discussion/10600/does-kohana-orm-and-cache-work-together/p1

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