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Let's imagining that I have a directive that contains some data and I want to interpolate it somewhere else in a second component (directive or else), without having a controller linking them.

For example, take the zippy of angularjs webpage, but instead of having <div ng-controller="Ctrl3"> bidding the data from the input to the zippy directive, we have two separate components:

    <!-- first component with data -->
    <div ng-controller="aCtrl">

    Title: <input ng-model="title"> <br>
    Text: <textarea ng-model="text"></textarea>

    <!-- a second component wanting to show the data -->
    <div class="zippy" zippy-title="Details: {{title}}...">{{text}}</div>

My question is then how can I link them nicely in Angularjs?

I tried to pass through a service, registering the data changes, and then tried unsuccessfully to bind it with my DOM through an injection into a directive or through a controller.

( I want to display data contained in a directive in an another directive "window", but I don't want to wrap all my code with a controller just to bind the data)

Is there a way to do it nicely?

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Controllers are meant for that exact purpose. To Bind data to your view. I dont understand why you dont want to use them. Using a controller to create a scope and using a service to share the data would been the "Angular way" of doing this. –  ganaraj Mar 25 '13 at 10:28

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Here is one solution using a service that triggers a custom event on $rootScope, then listens for event in controller of directive'

        data:{text : 'World', title:'Foo bar'},

app.controller('aCtrl', function ($scope,SharedData) {
        $scope[key] = value;

        controller:function($scope) {
            $rootScope.$on('dataUpdate',function(event,prop) {
                $scope[prop] = SharedData.data[prop];

Plunker Demo

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Thank you charlietfl, that's nice! In the angularjs zen, is it better to always try to have a parent ctrl that setup a shared scope? I realize that if I have multiple times this pattern, I have to construct a lot of services just to share my data, and then also to keep a long list of event... :-( –  user2024621 Mar 25 '13 at 17:05
Alternatively could we setup a view in the service like this: var myView = nulland a method setView = function(element){ that aCtrl will then bind with a DOM element on dom ready or it is a bad idea? –  user2024621 Mar 25 '13 at 17:09
defintiely easier having a parent controller , but a lot depends on depth of your application –  charlietfl Mar 25 '13 at 17:21

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