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Hi guys I need to convert coordinates in the following form:


INto something thats kinda like the following:


A php function would be greatly appreciated - or just a formula would also be nice enough :)

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I found an online JS calculator and a PHP solution:

function DMStoDEC($deg,$min,$sec)
// Converts DMS ( Degrees / minutes / seconds ) 
// to decimal format longitude / latitude

    return $deg+((($min*60)+($sec))/3600);

function DECtoDMS($dec)
// Converts decimal longitude / latitude to DMS
// ( Degrees / minutes / seconds ) 

// This is the piece of code which may appear to 
// be inefficient, but to avoid issues with floating
// point math we extract the integer part and the float
// part by using a string function.

    $vars = explode(".",$dec);
    $deg = $vars[0];
    $tempma = "0.".$vars[1];

    $tempma = $tempma * 3600;
    $min = floor($tempma / 60);
    $sec = $tempma - ($min*60);

    return array("deg"=>$deg,"min"=>$min,"sec"=>$sec);
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Do it with simple mathematics:

arcsecond is 1⁄3,600 of a degree
arcminute is 1/60 of a degree

S,E negative, N,W positive

example: S 23° 25' 33.8: -1 * 23+25/60+33.8/3600 = -23,426055555555555555555555555556°
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