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I'm looking for a statement to find a user with minimum value of special field. I mean something like this

Select ID, Username, Joindate, MIN(score) 
from table1

Actually I'm looking for a way to find a user with lowest score.

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To find the user with the lowest score, you can simpy sort the table and take the first record:

SELECT TOP 1 ID, UserName, JoinDate, score FROM table1 ORDER BY score
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You can get this result a few different ways.


Select t1.ID,
from table1 t1
inner join
  select min(score) LowestScore
  from table1
) t2
  on t1.score = t2.lowestscore


select top 1 with ties id, username, joindate, score
from table1
order by score

You could even use ranking functions to get the result:

select id, username, joindate, score
  select id, username, joindate, score,
    rank() over(order by score) rnk
  from table1
) src
where rnk = 1

See SQL Fiddle with Demo of all queries.

Each of these will return all users with the lowest score.

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The Query can be -

Select ID,Username,Joindate,score from table1 
where score in (select MIN(score) from table1)


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Select top 1 ID, Username, Joindate, score from table1 where score = (select min(score) from table1)

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