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I'm using a form with a drop-down menu that contains some options disabled, so the users cannot select them. I'm trying to customize via css these elements but I have some problems with Chrome and IE7/8/9/10.


<div class="formBody">
    <select  name="form[categoria][]"  id="categoria"  class="rsform-select-box">
      <option selected="selected" value="">Scegli una categoria</option>
      <option disabled="disabled" value="">Impresa </option>
    <span class="formValidation">
        <span id="component50" class="formNoError">Scegli una categoria</span>


select option[disabled] { color: #000; font-weight: bold }

This code works only with Firefox and doesn't work with Chrome and IE (all version).

Any idea to solve this problem?

Below the html code for select-box

<div class="formBody"><select  name="form[categoria][]"  id="categoria"  class="rsform-select-box" ><option selected="selected" value="">Scegli una categoria</option><option disabled="disabled" value="">Impresa </option><option  value="Servizi">Servizi</option><option  value="Informatica">Informatica</option><option  value="Commercio">Commercio</option><option  value="Telecomunicazioni">Telecomunicazioni</option><option  value="Editoria/Stampa">Editoria/Stampa</option><option  value="Meccanica/Elettrica">Meccanica/Elettrica</option><option  value="Alimentare">Alimentare</option><option  value="Chimica/Farmaceutica">Chimica/Farmaceutica</option><option disabled="disabled" value="">Edilizia </option><option  value="Tessile/Moda">Tessile/Moda</option><option  value="Mobili/Arredamenti">Mobili/Arredamenti</option><option  value="Alberghi/Ristoranti">Alberghi/Ristoranti</option><option  value="Trasporto/Logistica">Trasporto/Logistica</option><option  value="Finanza">Finanza</option><option  value="Altro">Altro</option><option disabled="disabled" value="">Professionista </option><option  value="Commercialista">Commercialista</option><option  value="Ragioniere">Ragioniere</option><option  value="Notaio">Notaio</option><option  value="Tributarista">Tributarista</option><option  value="Avvocato">Avvocato</option><option  value="Consulente del lavoro">Consulente del lavoro</option><option  value="Altro">Altro</option><option disabled="disabled" value="">P.A. Locale </option><option  value="Regione">Regione</option><option  value="Provincia">Provincia</option><option  value="Comune">Comune</option><option  value="Comunit&agrave; Montana">Comunit&agrave; Montana</option><option  value="ASL">ASL</option><option  value="CCIA">CCIA</option><option  value="Altro">Altro</option><option disabled="disabled" value="">P.A. Centrale </option><option  value="Associazione di categoria">Associazione di categoria</option><option  value="Privato">Privato</option><option  value="Altro">Altro</option></select><span class="formValidation"><span id="component50" class="formNoError">Scegli una categoria</span></span></div>
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adding a .disabled class works well –  Vortex Mar 24 '13 at 18:20
stackoverflow.com/questions/1867743/… covers the problem generically, rather than just options in a dropdown. –  Grant Clements Mar 24 '13 at 18:23
I think you can't change "select" element in all browsers, but you can use some script that emulate/replace "select" element. Something like this benplum.com/formstone/selecter –  Miljan Puzović Mar 24 '13 at 18:52

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What you're looking for is this:

select option:disabled { color: #000; font-weight: bold }

Here, have a fiddle.

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Downvoting a valid answer and not presenting a reason is just rude. –  Cthulhu Apr 29 at 9:05
Doesn't work in chrome, firefox, or safari. –  Stefan Kendall 21 hours ago

I do not think you can target an option tag using pure CSS; you can only modify a select tag.

However, there are workarounds. See this question.

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In Firefox the code works fine. I'm trying to found an alternative option that works with all browser. –  user2195922 Mar 24 '13 at 18:58
@user2195922: Can you post your entire code? –  JSW189 Mar 24 '13 at 19:14

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