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I need to add Y value labels next to my plot and I tried text function but no luck here - it only prints my X values. Any sugestions? Isn't such functionality achievable as an argument to plot function?

My second smaller question is how to print all values on X axis not only every fifth as I have now

Thanks In advance!

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I want to have Y values next to points on a plot –  xwhyz Mar 24 '13 at 20:09

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Try this:

text(x, y, labels=round(y,2),pos=3)

For your second question, you can use ?axis function:

plot(x,y,xaxt="n") #don't draw x-axis
 #draw x-axis by spesifying the ticks using argument at for function axis
axis(side=1,at=x,labels=round(x,2)) #this makes ticks only for values in x
text(x, y, labels=round(y,2),pos=4)
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